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can a rda be used for cbd oil

How To Make Eliquid Last Longer in a RDA Dripper Tank For ECIG Vape Pen

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Finding the right e-liquid can be tough with some much choice out there on today’s vaping market. ensures that you will find quality produced e-liquid in a controlled environment that always regulates under batch control. It is a provider that you can trust, so if you do get a chance please check out their website.

If you are after a new box mod, will have the right product for you. They stock different vape mods in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are an average vapor or a cloud chaser, I am sure you find the right vape mod to suit your vaping preferences.

Want to vape on the go? Vape Monster City provides a wide range of both portable desktop vaporizers that allow you to vape either wax or oil. They got some great products at affordable prices right now, so please do have a look yourself.

There are many great benefits from taking medical marijuana, including helping patients reduce never pain and increase the metabolic rate that helps control weight gain. Check out Canada Weed Dispensary for a wide range of different medical marijuana to buy.

Looking for a well-known e-cig vendor that is based in Canada? Check out, with their full product range you are bound to quit smoking very soon. You can purchase a start-up kit or even disposables to allow you to experience vaping for the first time.

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CBD hemp oil is used to treat many chronic diseases. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, then vaping CBD hemp coil is something that you should consider. Check out for a full range of hemp related products.

Looking to get into vaping? A starter kit sold on has everything you need to get all setup. They come with a sub ohm tank and vape mod all in one box.

Not everybody likes the taste of vitamin tablets from the local heath store. You can vape them instead, head over to to see which types of vitamin vape pens you can find.

Thinking about making your own e-liquid flavours to save money? Great idea! Use for your source for acquiring your ingredients. They provide everything from diluted nicotine to plastic empty bottles.

Looking for a cheap vape tank at a tremendous price? Please check out for their SMOK tanks under the $40 price range.

Want great quality products for vaporizing medical cannabis? have a wide range of products including an extraction machine to provide medical patients a flavourful hash oil experience by applying heat and pressure. Check their website out you will find something useful to purchase.

Starter kits sold on are perfect to help you switch over to vaping. They stock a wide range of packages made by SMOK and Vaporesso.

Not getting the full taste from the vape tank? You might need to step up the game with high quality e-liquid that is Canandian made so you know you are getting good quality stuff. See for fantastic deals.

Bored smoking the same e-liquid flavour? JB Vapes provided a wide range of different premium e-liquids from big brands such as Candy King and Bazooka.

Smoking is no longer the way forward, vaping is provide a wide range of different vaping products to help you quit smoking and use there greatly priced products to improve your health. Don’t forget to checkout their e-liquids section to what wonderful tasting flavours you can find.

Not only can human consume CBD by vaping it, pets including dogs can have chewy treats to relax on. Make your pet happy today by picking up your pet supplies at

CBD can provide you with many different relaxation effects on your body and mind. You can now vape CBD oil using a portable vaporiser to make in more convenient for you. Whether you have had a busy day at work or feel stressed, CBD can provide you with many health benefits that it can bring into your life.

If you are looking for Canada’s best online dispensary, look no further. has over 20 years of growing experience to ensure you get the highest quality CBD vape oil. They have a wide range of different high-quality concentrates and edibles.

Not happy with your current vape setup? Want bigger and more tasteful clouds? Then head over to to see their range of SMOK tanks. The SMOK TFV12 is the one for blow big thick foggy clouds.

Want to learn new ways to improve the efficiency of your medical cannabis grow? Say hello to LED grow lights, the new way to grow and reduce high energy consumption that you see with regular bulbs. Head over to to see why LED grow lights are more effective.

It is more convenient and far more better on your health to vape cannabis rather than to smoke it. For you to have the best possible experience, you need to have a good quality and durable vape pen. Don’t forget to check out for a full range of vape pens.

No good having the top of the range vape tank, if you are using poor-quality e-juice. No matter what tank you use, if your e-juice is not made from high quality ingredients, you will not get the taste you are looking for. Cyberliquids provide a large choice of award winning e-liquids that you might want to check out.

With cannabis laws and regulations always changing, it is essential that you depend on a reputable resource to keep yourself updated. provides a variety of different articles based around marijuana to always keep you up to date with what’s changing.

None authentic 18650 batteries used in vape mods can provide poor performance and bring up safety concerns. There are many fake cheap rewrapped batteries sold on the internet, so you want to be careful were you pick up your vape batteries from. only provide genuine batteries, it’s a place that you can trust. So, if you need some batteries head over to their website.

If you want the option to purchase cannabis online 24/7 the head over to Misty Canna Shop. They provide everything under one roof, from cannabis oil to edibles. If you want to relax, you will sure find something from there online cannabis shop.

CBD is now getting more popular around the world due to being the only cannabinoid that does not break the law. CBD provides many health benefits including improved sleep. You will find plenty of useful articles about CBD at so do check them out.

With cannabis it’s good to know what is trending to ensure you are getting the best quality high all the time. You might not be aware, but there many factors to consider before purchasing a vaporiser for cannabis use. have seven top tips to help you choose the best product.

To achieve the best possible flavour from your e-liquid you need a sub ohm tank. Vaporama is a great place to start to, Innokin is a good brand to consider. They also sell replacement coils for all tanks that are stocked on their website. not only sell vaporisers, but also sell important accessories to improve your vaping experience. They have a variety of different mouthpieces to customise your vape and additional power banks. You need to check out their amazing range.

Not all dry herb vaporizers are compatible weed concentrates. The Pax 3 portable vaporizer is compatible with both and is currently sold on for a very good price.

Want to try something different to vape. The lucky 13 e-liquid provided by gives you a creamy vanilla taste with a smooth tobacco finish. All their e-liquid are nicely presented in 30, 60 and 120ml bottles with a carefully split VG/PG ratio of 70/30. If premium is something that you are after at a great price you can’t go wrong with their e-liquid range.

Zenabis provide large quantities of cannabis oil from high quality grade plants, including state of the art ASME certified and supercritical CO2 extraction methods. With Zenabis, it’s a brand that you trust and you always known that you are getting top quality CBD

If you have recently been suffering from anxiety or depression or need a quick effective pain relief, you may benefit from hemp oil products. Hemp Canada provides a wide range of different hemp products including seed oil caps. Please have a look at their nutritional health natural beauty selection out as well.

PermaClone provide many different sized cloning collars that come in small discs to help support plant cuttings that are being grown hydroponically. Cloning collars is the future of growing, get your todays at

If you require premium e-liquid juice at the best price possible, legion of vapes stocks only the best brands such as Nasty juice, Slushy Man and Bazooka. From Choco cream to delicious deserts, you will find something unique to vape.

Aokey is a brand that had been founded in 2016 and its goals are to develop low temperature heating to provide you with none combustible electronic cigarettes. The new Aokey IX is certainly a product that will help you get off smoking helping you improve your heath.

Aristech is a leading brand for dry herb, wax and CBD based vaporizers. Buyescart provides a full range of kits including the Airis Mystica 2 and the Airis AS-1 wax vaporizer kit.

If you are looking for premium quality e liquid for your vape mod and excellent prices, then you need to head over to They have everything you need to get your start as well, from mods to accessories they have got you covered.

Not getting the full flavour from your eliquid? The coil in your sub ohm tank is required to be changed at some point. Vapeghost provide a variety of coil replacements from different sub ohms tanks by Eleaf and many other big brands.

Are you from Australia and have a passion for growing medical weed? Then you need to visit ‘Weed Seeds Australia’. They have an independent blog that is always regularly updates to provide you with the latest information and new headlines on seed growing in Australia.

Bored of the same e-liquid flavour? provide a cool range of premium high-quality flavours from big brands such as Nasty Juice and Dinner Lady. From fruity grapes to minty menthol you sure will find something nice to vape on.

If you are not looking to get high, however want to benefit from CBD, then you can purchase high CBD based cannabis flowers to smoke or vape. You can also purchase CBD capsules or even get CBD based oil that you can dispense into your mouth for a quick relaxing and pain relief fix. Get your CBD products today from now.

Want a simple way of booking your dream cannabis tour that provides everything you need to have the ultimate 420 friendly experience? Then head over to, they have different packages and deals to suit your different needs. You can also check out if you would like to book any kind of accommodation while on tour.

Looking for a new vape mod that can provide you with a better vape experience? Then look no further Smo-Kingshop has a wide selection of regulated vape mods from big brands such as Eleaf. They have single battery 18650 mods to get you started. Get your electronic cigarette today and enjoy all the health benefits.

There are many medical health benefits to taking medical cannabis on a regular basis. It can help you feel more relaxed and chilled out. Hueneme Patient Consumer Co-op has only the finest medical cannabis on the market that is readily available for medical cannabis patients. Please be aware you must see a medical marijuana doctor to quality for a medical cannabis card.

If you are looking for marijuana, pain pills or party pills then look no further because premium weed and pain pills delivery has a no prescriptions service for all your needs. Please check out their website to find out more information and details they have on their website.

CBD oil provides many health benefits including stress and anxiety relief. If you want to feel better today, then head over to today to get your CBD base products. CBD hemp oil always works wonders and it’s easy to consume. is located in California and aims to only carry the highest quality premium e-juice products from big brands such as Liquid EFX, Dinner Lady, Jam Monster, The Milkman, Air Factory, Bazooka, Breakfast Club, Drip’N Vape plus many more…

Both wax vaporizers and herb vaporizers sold on prevent dangerous chemicals going into your lungs as with smoking medical cannabis. It is estimates that 95% percent of vaporized cannabis is cannabinoids. This means you will get more out of a vaporizer than smoking it, as the effects from vaping it tend to last longer.

Are you suffering from anxiety or chronic pain? Medical marijuana can help you with these symptoms and provide you pain relief. If you are looking to purchase medical marijuana or weed in Canada from a licensed supplier, then can help you with this.

Ketama Seeds ensure that all their cannabis seeds are premium quality and are 100% feminized, making the growing process much more sophisticated. The best things about their products are that they support both outdoor and indoor grows. See what you can find today.

If you don’t get the same great flavour from your vape tank, you may need to purchase and replace the coil head. Once the cotton has become bad, you will always get that harsh burnt throat hit, you can get replacement SMOK coils from

It’s good to be aware of the top Canada best mail orders services to ensure that you are always getting high quality Marijuana at best possible prices. has a dedicated section to help you find the perfect dispensary in your area.

Looking to purchase high quality cannabis oil? Then Zenabis is a vendor that you should certainly consider. This is because they are one of the largest indoor medical cannabis cultivation footprints in Canana.

The catalano cannabis club, also known as C3 was a brand that was started with Cannabis and family in mind. Their love for cannabis and their dedication helped the success of bring the ‘Catalano Cannabis Club’. Please show your support by purchasing any of their exclusive merchandise including t-shirt and mugs by going on their website to see what cool stuff you can find.

If you are looking to wholesale glass pipes or bongs for your shop, can provide you with smoking products that you are looking for. By visiting their website, you can check out their catalogue to see what products are on offer. I would recommend that you join their list to ensure you receive important information regarding sales, new arrivals and special products. You can subscribe to their service by going on their website.

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If you are looking for the best ultimate high within seconds, dab rigs are something you should consider. Tokes Mcgee’s provide a dedicated section on their website for dab rigs, this includes high quality hand crafted glass water bongs and dab rigs.

CBD oil can provide you with pain relief. If you have a bad back or muscle pain, taking a few drops of CBD oil can help reduce the pain. It also contains anti-seizure properties to help cure problems when there is rapid fluctuation in the electrical activity of the brain. If you want to find to find out more about CBD oil, is a good place to start.

The roots dispensary is a cannabis dispensary located in Lompoc Valley. Their main aim is to provide safe and convenient access to medical patients that are wanting to obtain high quality cannabis. Their team of experts provide both individual and collective experience to ensure you get the best possible customer service and information about any of their products. Medical cannabis if consumed can provide many health benefits, visit the Roots dispensary today and see what you can discover.

A high-quality bong provided by Smoke Cartel can make a huge difference to the quality of your smoking experience. A bong is usually filled with water that cools the smoke as it passes through and it can be used to smoke cannabis, tobacco or other related herbal substances. Be sure to check out the Smoke Cartel website as they have some cool looking bongs for sale that are made from high quality materials that are designed to last.

Taking CBD oil on a regular basis can work wonders for fighting cancer cells and with health complications such as epilepsy. CTFO provide discount packages available at the checkout once you sign up for the different CBD based products that are available to you. They provide great competitive pricing on all their products, which means you will get it cheaper than the suggested retail price of a similar product.

One of the most important benefits of taking CBD oil is pain relief. It also contains useful anti-seizure properties. Taking CBD oil on a regular basis can provide you with many benefits that can help improve the quality of your life and the way you feel. Get your CBD hemp oil today from the Veterans CBD oil website.

VaporWide provide a wide range of box mods manufactured by the top brands in the industry. If you are looking more power that your current mod can’t provide, as well as more battery life, then upgrading to a triple of quad battery mod will work best for you. This will certainly get you clouds you are looking for with the correct tank setup.

Rolling the perfect blunt each time can be a challenging task if you are new to smoking cannabis. There are certain skills that you need to perfect to master rolling a good old blunt. If you want top tips and useful instructions to help you with the building process, head over to to find out more.

It’s always recommend before going for any business idea, to define goals, objectives and the reasons why you want to invest in any kind of cannabis dispensary. You need a unique idea and to appeal to today’s market, you need to different from the most common dispensaries. If you are thinking of an brand new medical marijuana dispensary, then can assist you with any new dispensary ideas you have in mind.

An enail, also known as an electronic nail is a new type of vaporization device that allows you to obtain a consistent temperature to vaporize concentrates. They are also much safer than you regular none electronic nail, as the flame from the touch can bring the risk of butane contamination. is a great place to start, as they provide a titanium 20mm enail set that comes as a complete kit with a portable bag. This will have everything you need to get started and to enjoy the brand new enail experience

An electronic cigarette is a far healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Research has proven that they are 95% safer. With using an ecig there is no smoke from tobacco, so no combustion taking place and no toxic 5000 chemicals being inhaled into your lungs. Live a healthier lifestyle by purchasing your online ecig starter kit today from, a great website that provides high quality products from big brands such as SMOK and Eleaf.

Want to purchase cannabis products directly from your computer? Planet Pot provide a large online shop on their website that contains many different types of products. They provide same day local delivery, to find out if you are in an eligible area enter your post code on their website to check. provides excellent customer service and can provide large quantities of ejuice to your vape store. All you need to do is complete the registration form on their website. You will then have your account approved and you can start purchasing products.

CBD is legal and available to purchase in the UK from online health stores including Get your CBD oil today and start benefits from the effects today. You can expect anywhere from 30 before the CBD will take effect if you take it orally with 100% CO2 Extracted Organic CBD Oil.

The JULL starter kit is perfect if you are new to vaping. It is a small and compact device with high nicotine that will help you quit smoking without the inconvenience of having a large mod with huge batteries. carry a variety of nicotine from ejuice from 0mg to 50mg nicotine salts for your replacement pod devices.

Looking to get a medical marijuana card without the need to visit a clinic or doctor’s office? Then DR.Weedy services will be very convenient for you. They have people that are available for processing applications for an MMG card 24/7. All you need to do is complete a form and the verification process takes a few minutes.

If you are looking for high quality ejuice made with quality ingredients, then you need to check out the Australia Vape Company website. They are known about there in house vape liquid, the secret lemon drop and super blackcurrant grapes are currently the most bestselling. You should certainly check them out if you want tasteful premium ejuice at low prices.

Wholesale CBD Switzerland have over 15 years of experiencing in hemp production and provide high quality production without the need of any pesticides in their large outdoor area. The Swiss wholesaler’s production site is in the north east of Vaud on a family-based farm.

Thinking of quitting smoking? An electronic cigarette is a great alternative to smoking with many health benefits associated with it. An evod starter kit can purchased from that contains everything you need to make the switch today.

No matter how good your cannabis products or services are, if nobody is aware about your presence you are not going to get the results you deserve. There is a great article on how to improve your dispensary SEO for 2019 that can be found on This contains some great times on local SEO to help sky rocket your business of to success.

Wanting to upgrade your sub ohm vape tank? MTM vapes is a leading UK supplier of high quality vape hardware and premium eliquids. There online website has a dedicated tanks pages that provides you with a wide range of cloud chasing tanks. See what you can find today.

Looking for a simple easy to use vape mod? Then the puffman, sold on the puffmen website is something you should consider, as it comes with a regular 510 thread support and USB charge. This device is literally like plug and play.

If you have a passion for cannabis, then its always best to educate yourself with important updates when they come available. If you are from Australia, the friendly aussie buds website contains some great information to educate you on anything that is cannabis related. Head over to there website and subscribe to join their national campaign.

Pod systems are the way to go if you are wanting a stealthy vape mod that you can easily slip into your pocket or bag. Nicotine salts are great because they provide you with the higher dosage of nicotine without having to vape heavily. carry a large range of different nicotine salts that come in different MG levels to suit your needs. is your number one stop shop for smoking accessorises are reasonable prices. There website was a huge range of deals and new arrivals on only the best-selling products, from dry herb vaporizers to grinders, you will find something useful to improve your smoking experience for the better.

If you want the latest news of upcoming events in your area, head over to the website. It contains a variety of information to help you find the closest dispensaries near you.

Did you know that CBD can provide you with many health benefits? In fact, CBD products have been studied to treat common health issues, including anxiety, depression, acne and hear disease. CBD products sold on also provide natural treatment for pain. Check out the products section on their website to find out more.

Rare Dankness is a company that had been founded in 2010. They have been able to work with some of the worlds highly coveted genetics. To find out more, please look at Canna Cribs Ep.6 Features Denver’s Rare dankness. They believe that legalization is through education, so I recommended that you watch the episode to help you broaden your knowledge.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right companies that use 100% privacy when delivering cannabis to you. Most people prefer it was anonymous. Therefore buying weed online with provides discrete packaging and does not show any signs of a cannabis related purchase. Buy with confidence.

Looking to improve your smoking experience, then head over to today to pick a high-quality glass bong. Glass water bongs are the most favourite smoking accessory used for smoking medical cannabis. only provide a careful selection of durable borosilicate glass and other high-quality safe materials, to provide you with a long lasting and durable product experience.

World Vaping is the number 1 vaping community in the world when it comes to find the latest information about vaping products. They have a dedicated best vape juice section on their website to help you identify what is the best premium vape juice on the market. The section also contains the best CBD vape juice. Each ejuice brand listed on their website, contains a review rating to help you see what others liked about vaping products. Using this website will save you money on products that are not worth buying and only help you purchase the best possible vape products money can buy.

Buying seeds for growing Marijuana can be a tricky process to start of with. Thanks to the Erba Grace website, you can purchase feminized CBD seeds that have THC below 0.6%. This allows you to grow CBD based cannabis with the use of inflorescences of ebra light.

The Leaf provides excellent customer service with an extensive range of cannabis related products for all different type of users. This is to suit and satisfy all different types of cannabis enthusiasts to fit their lifestyle.

Vaping CBD has many benefits. It can help reduce stress, making you feel more relaxed and helps stop anxiety. The best CBD deals can always be found online, on the website. If vaping CBD is something that you want to consider, certainly check out their CBD section on their website to benefit from all the offers.

If you are looking for pure cannabis oil that has been converted to a vape juice THC and CBD form, then Oranje Pharma’s vape juice is something that you should considering if you are looking to benefit from the potent medicating properties. There vape juice can be used discreetly with all modern compatible vaporizer hardware and perfect for all stealth situations.

Podlyfe provides a wide range of different style authentic pod vape brands that come with quick delivery, so you can quit smoking as quickly as possible. They have a wide range of different nicotine salts that come in different strengths and flavours. If you are after the best possible vaping experience, I would recommend you check out their website.

If you are looking for high quality cannabis products, then look no further cannabis kush has you covered. They have a wide range of products that can help you with your medical problems that contain both recommended amounts of THC and CBD. They provide different strains to suit all different type of customers. Certainly, check them out if you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed with their high-quality service that’s for sure.

Fancy an upgrade? Head over to the juicemanusa website to see what vape mods you can purchase. They have everything from being compact to being over powerful. You will find a vape mod that is suitable for your needs and while you at it, you might as well pick up an 100ml vape juice bottle as well to keep you stocked up.

Can a rda be used for cbd oil

Welcome! Please verify that you are above the legal age to purchase nicotine, tobacco and/or vape products.

Warning : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Not only are we a tobacco superstore, but we also carry an extensive collection of electronic cigarettes in a variety of shapes and sizes. With a full-range of ejuice flavors and accessories, Smokers Choice is dedicated to helping smokers of all kinds. As a company that embraces choice, we support your choice to make the switch!

What is Vaping?

Vaping is when you use heat to atomize an e-liquid, leaf or wax for the purpose of releasing nicotine or scents to be inhaled. Vaping the liquid, leaf or wax means that it is not actually burning, therefore it produces no smoke, ash or tar. Most people agree that vaping is healthier for that reason. Because leaves/herbs/wax and e-Liquid are vastly different in how they are vaped.

There are 2 distinct categories for Vaporizers: Dry Herb (or Wax devices), and e-Liquid devices, commonly referred to as eCigs, eCigarettes, vapes, APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) or Mods. These devices usually have the ability to switch tanks, allowing you to use the Vaporizer as an eCig or Dry Herb vape. Other nicotine vapes can come in the form of a “pen” or AIO (all-in-one) device that allows cartridges or pods to be interchanged and discarded.


Electronic cigarettes, or eCigs, refer to all vaporizers that use e-Liquid (liquid nicotine). The smallest of these devices are disposable or utilize replaceable e-Liquid cartridges (pens or AIOs). However, the majority of devices utilize two separate pieces; a battery and a tank. The e-Liquid tanks allow users to refill their eCig with e-Juice flavors and brands of their choosing. E-Liquid tanks also have replaceable atomizers. Replaceable atomizers are meant for you to continue using your eCig indefinitely and only regularly purchasing eLiquid and additional atomizers. Though tanks and batteries have a wide range of costs depending on size and quality, buying replacement atomizers and e-Juice are typically cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

e-Liquid / e-Juice

e-Liquid is the fluid that contains varying levels of nicotine and flavoring in an eCig or Vaporizer. Some devices use disposable cartridges, while others, like those that you see producing large vapor “clouds,” use refillable e-Juice tanks. The juice itself is made from few ingredients. Besides liquid nicotine, they contain natural and/or artificial flavors, Propylene Glycol (PG), and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). The levels of nicotine vary to allow for one to wean them self off when trying to quit smoking.

  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – A colorless, odorless liquid that is produced from plant oils, typically palm oil, soy, or coconut oil. VG is the ingredient that creates vapor clouds.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) – A colorless liquid which is nearly odorless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. PG is used often in food and is the ingredient that carries the flavor of the ejuice.
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Starter Kits

Starter kits usually include vaporizers commonly referred to as “eGo Style” devices, or simply “pens.” These are the simplest of devices and usually come in kit form including a battery and tank designed to work specifically with that battery. If you would like to try vaping for the first time, this is a great place to start as they are inexpensive and easy to use.

Closed Pod Systems

Other starter kits include “AIO” devices (all-in-one) or, “pod systems.” These closed-end vape systems are a great entry-level vape and use higher level salt nicotine for a smooth, enjoyable experience. Pod systems usually come in kits and include a vape battery, disposable cartridges (sometimes called pods), and a charger. Pod systems are popular among people trying to quit because it allows the user to mimic the feel of a traditional cigarette.

Box Mods are the vaporizers you see which are smart phone size/shaped devices. These types of devices are required for the use of sub-ohm tanks because they have higher, adjustable wattage or lack regulatory circuits altogether, allowing the atomizer to draw as much power as it needs directly from the battery. Because of their increased size these types of devices sport much longer battery life as well. If you want to produce the largest possible vapor clouds, you will need a box mod with a Sub-ohm tank.

Mechanical or Mech Mods are most often used by experienced vape enthusiasts because they offer the most control over your vaping experience, however, they are not controlled by electronics; there are none inside a mech mod, it is a completely mechanical device. Users of mech mods customize the amount of vapor their device produces by building custom coils in their atomizers. The coils draws directly from the battery all the power it needs to heat up. Battery life with these devices is dependent on how much power is required to fully heat the coils you build. The bigger the coils the shorter the battery life. Because these devices require a knowledge of vaping and do not contain safety circuits that protect the battery from shorts, they are not recommended for new or inexperienced vapers.

Unregulated vs. Regulated Mods

The biggest difference between mech mods and the typical mods you see in the store is that mech mods are “unregulated”. Commercial PVs (personal vaporizers) are built with chips between the battery and the coil that protects the user from over-discharge and short circuits. Regulated mods are built to detect issues before they happen and shut down the device to prevent any issues. Unregulated mechanical mods however, are not constructed with these same safety features, making them more dangerous than regulated devices.

Regulated mods are what they are – what you get out the box is typically what you can expect. The only real customizable elements are replacing the battery with another, or changing to a different coil (if your device accepts multiple coils). However, unregulated mods can be built with a variety of options from small one-battery units to large multi-battery units with custom RDAs.

Are Mechanical Mods Safe?

Mechanical mods are generally safe if used correctly. It is important for the user to know and understand Ohm’s law and how it applies to vaping before trying a mech mod that being said However, if Ohm’s law is understood then many of the faults that do happen are as a result of the battery. As mentioned, mechanical mods do not have any circuit boards, so there is nothing to keep the device from fully defecting if there is a malfunction. Batteries can become defective in a number of ways, causing them to over discharge, misfire, overheat, and potentially burst.


e-Liquid Tanks can come in dozens of varieties so it can often be hard to choose the best one for you. Only certain tanks will work on certain batteries, but our helpful staff at one of our many Smokers Choice retail locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania can assist you in determining which tanks will work for your device or vice versa. Tanks come in various sizes designed to hold different amounts of e-Juice at a time. They also differ from each other in that some have control over airflow, which will allow you to customize how much vapor it produces. Tanks utilize replacement atomizers that can come in various sizes. The larger the coil in an atomizer, the more vapor it will produce.

Tanks with the largest coils are known as “Sub-Ohm” tanks. Sub-Ohm vaping is when you use a tank with an atomizer of a resistance rating lower than 1 ohm. Ohm is the unit of measurement that determines the resistance of a coil in an atomizer. Resistance correlates to the size of the coil, gauge wire used and number of wraps on the coil. This means that the lower your resistance rating, the more flavor and vapor clouds you’ll get out of your tank.

  • RTAs & RDAs – Both RTAs and RDAs are rebuildable atomizers, or RBAs. They usually have a connector pin, a base, body, top cap and a drip tip. The deck contains a coil(s) and some sort of wicking inside. These atomizers are screwed onto a mod used for vaping.
  • RDA – RDAs, or Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers, are used by vapers who “drip.” It’s known for being a “dripper” because it doesn’t store eliquid. Users will saturate the wicks by “dripping” a small amount of eliquid through the drip tip at a time. Serious vapers prefer this method due to the vapor and flavor production.
  • RTA – RTAs are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, and are much different than RDAs because they have tanks to hold the e-liquid. The parts are similar to an RDA, though everything in contained inside of a tank, which connects to a chimney that extends to the drip tip. Vapers like RTAs because they have an e-juice tank to hold their liquid, resulting in longer vaping.

Dry Herb/Wax Vapes

Dry Herb or Wax vapes are usually self contained devices with a battery and chamber for putting your herbs or wax in. Devices with replaceable atomizers are used for wax and oils while those that do not use an atomizer are for Dry Herbs only. eCigs able to use different tanks can use Dry Herb and Wax tanks as well, though the best devices for dry herb vaping were designed for that exclusively.

E-juice explained: What is e-juice?

The e-juice, e-liquid, or vape juice, is the fluid that is used in vaporizers to create vapor clouds. E-juice contains a base liquid, nicotine, and flavorings. These juices come in a variety of blends, flavors, and nicotine levels.

Nicotine levels can be identified by looking for the number of MG in the product, or milligrams. These are commonly seen in forms of 0mg (meaning no nicotine), 3mg, 6mg, and higher. The higher the number is, the higher level of nicotine is in your e-juice.

Aside from the optional nicotine, there are 3 other ingredients included in e-juice. The liquid is made of a blend of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) & Propylene Glycol (PG), and flavoring. VG/PG is the base that is used to help distribute the flavor and nicotine throughout the liquid and controls the vapor production.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – A colorless, odorless liquid that is produced from plant oils, typically palm oil, soy, or coconut oil. VG is the ingredient that creates vapor clouds. It is used in many scenarios like cough syrup, creams, food, and many others.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – A colorless liquid which is nearly odorless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. PG is used often in food and is the ingredient that carries the flavor of the ejuice. It is used in many settings, including smoke machines, pharmaceutical solvents, sunscreen, shampoo, lotions, and pet food preservatives/stabilizers.

Generally, VG/PG makes up about 90% of your e-juice. The other 10% comes from flavorings and/or nicotine. Controversial rumors surround the debate of vaping and it’s safety. There is limited evidence on the inhalation of these substances, but in a study on animals, research suggests it is very low-risk, especially when compared to the 7,000+ chemicals found in cigarette smoke.


Almost all e-liquid contains nicotine, but not always. Zero nicotine options are available, but generally, e-juice comes in various nicotine strengths that can help smokers wean themselves off cigarettes and/or quit nicotine all together. The strength of nicotine in e-juice is almost always measured in milligrams (weight) per milliliter (volume); or mg/mL.

Traditional nicotine is extracted from tobacco plants and then put into a “freebase,” meaning it’s purest form. Recently, a new type of nicotine hit the vape market called “Salt Nicotine,” or salt nic. Salt nic gives users the ability to smoke higher levels of nicotine without the harsh throat it. It goes through a different extraction process and is meant to be used in low-wattage systems for a smoother, more enjoyable vape.


E-liquid comes in a wide variety of flavors. E-liquid manufacturers may use artificial or natural flavorings, depending on the end result they are trying to receive. Common flavors include vanillin (vanilla flavor), linalool (herbal flavor), ethyl maltol (sweet, pastry flavor) acetyl pyrazine (graham-cracker flavor) and malic acid (sour and fruity flavor). Generally speaking, flavorings are safe to inhale and as they are food-grade substances.

Some popular flavor profiles include: Beverages, Candy, Dessert, Cereal, Fruit, & Tobacco.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant to achieve a wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic effects. CBD has no psychoactive properties because it does not contain THC, so it doesn’t get you high. Although it is legal in most states, evaluations have not yet been made by the FDA.

E-juice companies have recently started making CBD e-liquid so that it can be consumed by vaping. The properties are the same except instead of nicotine, it’s CBD. CBD can also be seen in other forms, such as creams/lotions, capsules, and edibles. To learn more about CBD, visit our CBD page.

CBD Oil Dosage Guide: Best Way to Take CBD for Maximum Absorption?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over a hundred naturally occurring phytocannabinoids which is increasingly used as a preferred ingredient in dietary supplements due to its ability to alleviate a wide range of health issues including anxiety, pain, inflammation, insomnia, depression, epilepsy, and diabetes.

It is widely accessible and legal in most parts of the world since it can be extracted from industrial hemp and high THC cannabis marijuana strains are not necessary for its production.

While CBD’s counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is a cannabinoid compound associated with medicinal effects, its potential psychoactive effects are a cause for concern with some people and legal authorities.

Furthermore, the therapeutic effect and interplay of all the additional phytocannabinoids have not yet been fully elucidated and further research is required. On the other hand, proponents of CBD products look to avoid the notorious “high” and revel in CBD’s body relaxant properties.

Generally speaking, the main goal with cannabinoid intake is to maximize health benefits while minimizing the psychoactive effects associated with THC. Thus, where legally compliant, it does not mean that you should completely avoid formulations with THC as long as the THC dosage is sufficiently low that it provides medicinal benefits without triggering the psychoactive high.

Surprisingly, it is often the case that the therapeutic dose of THC is lower than the dose required for psychotropic effects. High doses of CBD are also not always more effective than lower doses. A therapeutic effect can be achieved with as little as 2.5 mg of CBD combined with a tiny amount of THC. It is typically best practice to start with a low dose and gradually and patiently increase the dosage until the desired effects are achieved.

However, the main focus for the rest of this article is on CBD oil dosage owing to the complexity of the legal matters associated with THC.

Whether you’re an experienced user or trying CBD oil for the first time, it is important to understand how CBD works inside your body depending on the dose utilized. A lot of online resources focus on CBD basics and potential benefits, but few address the issue of dosage in sufficient depth.

So, to begin with – what is the recommended daily intake for CBD?

How Much CBD Should I Take?

Here is where things get even more confusing since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency does not have a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for CBD, meaning that an official recommended serving size does not exist at present.

Sounds like a lot of trial and error is required, right? Well, as you will notice throughout this article, trial and error is an inevitable part of CBD consumption!

Unfortunately, this has helped create a marketplace that consists of a lot of quasi-experts and companies that tend to arbitrarily estimate their recommended CBD dosages. A better approach is to precisely control and monitor the amount of CBD that you consume daily through simple and effective methods and calculations.

Our bodies tend to interact with cannabinoids differently and everyone needs to optimize their intake on an individual basis. Neuroscientists have already observed that the receptors in our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) change with our body’s physiology which, in turn, modifies the way our body interacts with CBD and THC. This leads to a potential life-long shifting of our individual CBD dosage requirements .

However, there are some guidelines that can be used in order to estimate the CBD dosage necessary for your particular case depending on the relief you are seeking.

These are only rough estimates and trial and error is essential in order to determine what works for you and what does not. Please remember that what works for you might not work for your best friend with a similar ailment and vice versa!

Every individual is different and countless variables are involved when determining CBD dosage. These variables include but are not limited to body weight, genetics, metabolism, nutrition, medical history, previous cannabis usage, and so on. Thus, it is impossible to prescribe a universal CBD dose since CBD dosage cannot be determined through a mathematically rigorous scientific approach.

This directly leads us to the topic of common mistakes and inaccuracies when estimating your personal CBD dosage requirements. It is crucial that you educate yourself thoroughly and estimate wisely without blindly shooting in the dark.

Common pitfalls when estimating your CBD dosage requirements

While some CBD connoisseurs estimate CBD dosages based on body weight alone , this practice may be misleading and somewhat careless. Our colleagues at CBDOrigin recommend that, as a good rule of thumb, you can determine your proper dosage by taking 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of body mass based on an individual’s level of pain.

This might work for some people, but it is a gross oversimplification of the matter. So, let’s break down the correlation between the optimal CBD dosage and body weight in more detail.

Firstly, children and adults metabolize medicines in a different manner and have different body chemistry. This means that toddlers may be able to tolerate higher doses of cannabis oil, including THC-rich formulations. Hence, it is not a wise approach to calculate the CBD oil dosage for adults based on what is effective in children.

For example, let’s say that a child requires a starting dose of 1 mg of CBD per kg of body mass. An adult may naturally weigh 10-15 times more but it is erroneous to assume that the appropriate starting dose of CBD for an adult is thus 10-15 mg/kg.

It is very likely that this would be an excessive starting dose. Even though CBD does not have any significant side effects for large doses (drowsiness is most commonly reported), excessive CBD dosage may reduce its therapeutic efficacy when compared to the efficacy associated with a moderate dose.

Furthermore, animal preclinical studies are awesome and provide us with a lot of insight into the effects of CBD. However, it is a bad idea to estimate your personal CBD dosage requirements based on these studies! Human body chemistry and metabolism differ from that of rodents and care should be taken to avoid trusting the data from animal models.

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Last but not least, consult your doctor about CBD dosage when in doubt, especially if you already have an underlying medical condition. Most healthcare professionals are not formally trained with CBD since this is a relatively new and exciting field.

However, they should have a good idea about how your body may react to CBD and they will be able to recommend a starting CBD dose for your particular ailment.

The following section provides essential CBD dosage guidelines and recommendations. I wholeheartedly recommend that you utilize these estimates rather than perform arbitrary calculations based on your body weight or any other single factor.

Preliminary CBD Dosage for Some Diseases

In this section, CBD dosage recommendations are provided for a wide variety of ailments based entirely on scientific research and expert opinion. CBD/THC dosages depend predominantly on the specific ailment with countless other factors playing a role. The same tends to be true when analyzing the timescale required for successful cannabinoid treatments.

Chronic pain

A review by Russo in the Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management journal outlines a potential treatment for chronic pain with daily CBD dosages of 2.5-20 mg taken orally with or without THC ( ).

Sleeping disorders

A systematic review of CBD in humans published in the Pharmaceuticals journal outlines a potentially effective treatment for sleep disorders consisting of a daily CBD dose of 40-160 mg taken orally ( ).


Eight epileptic patients and volunteers were administered a daily dose of 200-300 mg of CBD taken orally for four and a half months ( ). All patients and volunteers tolerated CBD very well. Half of them experienced excellent results and remained almost free of convulsive attacks throughout the experiment while three patients witnessed a partial improvement in their clinical condition. CBD treatment was ineffective for one of the patients.

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is common among cancer patients, and a study in the Annals of Oncology journal demonstrated that an effective cannabinoid treatment for appetite stimulation consists of a daily dose of 2.5 mg of THC taken orally with an optional 1 mg of CBD for 6 weeks ( ).

Movement issues due to Huntington’s disease

A scientific review study published in 2015 in the Movement Disorders journal showed that the appropriate daily CBD dosage for movement issues associated with Huntington’s disease is 10 mg per kg of body mass taken orally for six weeks ( ).

Multiple sclerosis

A review by Kluger et al. examines the basic science and preclinical and clinical studies on the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids as relating to movement disorders ( ). Hereby, multiple sclerosis studies reveal that a potentially effective treatment may utilize a cannabis plant extract containing 2.5-120 mg of a THC/CBD mixture to be taken daily for 2-15 weeks.


Schizophrenia may be treated with a daily CBD dosage of 40-1280 mg taken orally as reviewed by Iffland et al. in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal ( ).

Ocular hypertension or early glaucoma

A study published in the Journal of Glaucoma suggests that a single sublingual CBD dose of 20-40 mg may be an effective treatment for ocular hypertension or early glaucoma ( ). However, doses higher than 40 mg may cause adverse effects by actually increasing the eye pressure.

Best Way to Take CBD Oil?

CBD and its variety of products. It can be administered in a seemingly infinite number of ways.

Each solution tends to have its own advantages and drawbacks. You will get different effects if you decide to use a gelcap or vape a CBD-rich cartridge.

Spoiler alert. There is no one single “best way” to take CBD oil, but they’re probably is a product that will best fit your individual needs. In this article, we’re going to help you unpack all the data surrounding “using” of the CBD oil, so you can make an informed decision.

Understanding the best way to take cannabinoids is hardly rocket science but it is complicated by the fact that we all process CBD oil a little differently. We walk you through the basics but you will have to try for yourself.

To get started, we need some key criteria for understanding how CBD oil behaves when taken in its different formats.:

  • Speed – The speed you should expect the CBD oil to take effect
  • Dosage – The starting dose you should be looking to take
  • Impact– How you should expect the CBD oil to affect your body
  • Duration – The average length of time the effect should last

Of course, some of these metrics will vary depending on the actual product, it’s quality, etc, but it will definitely give you a ballpark idea of what you should expect.

How to Use CBD Oil

  • Speed – You should expect to see the effects in minutes, if not seconds.
  • Dose – You can start with a puff or two, you’ll start to feel the effects immediately so it is easy to manage the dosage. Allow yourself a minute or two and adjust as your tolerance builds.
  • Impact– Obviously, the lungs get affected immediately, quickly followed by the heart and the brain. From there it starts to take effect over the rest of the body pretty evenly.
  • Duration – Again, the more your tolerance builds, the shorter the effect but generally we’re looking at 2-3 hours.

CBD oil behaves like most other drugs when inhaled. The lung gets it first and from there it’s sent via the bloodstream straight to the brain where it takes its effect, which is why inhalation is the fastest method for feeling the effects of CBD oil. From there, it will get metabolized by the liver.

The reason why this is so effective is that the heat from the vape (or smoking) converts some of the acid cannabinoids into its natural form, which makes the effect “stronger”.

The negative impact of having CBD oil absorbed so quickly has the potential for some users to suffer from nausea or acute pain. It can be a problem especially with users new to CBD oils, or when you use a better quality (more powerful) product. That’s why you can get nausea or diarrhea when you use CBD oil for the first time.

It’s not a big issue, any negative side effects are short-lived or can be adjusted by reducing the dose until you become accustomed to taking it.

  • Speed – It normally takes between 1 and 2 hours to feel the effects of the edibles/capsules
  • Dose – Most typically, for new users, you should be taking 3 mg to get a mild psychoactive effect if we are talking THC, CBD oil products should be looking at 5 mg upwards.
  • Impact – Edibles and capsules are ingested, which takes place within 30-40 minutes, then they will be modified by the liver before being spread throughout the body via the bloodstream. This results in a fairly even spread throughout the body.
  • Duration – For most people, you can expect to feel the effects for a good 6 hours and in some cases that can extend up to 12 hours.

The first interaction an edible or capsule has with the body is in the gut. This means the CBD Oil will have a positive effect on stomach affecting conditions such as IBS or inflammatory bowel disease.

Once it gets to the liver, three enzymes start to modify the THC or CBD. This is more commonly known as “first-pass metabolism”.

For those interested in the nitty-gritty details, if it’s THC, it will predominantly be converted to 11-OH-THC, which delivers a stronger “high” than just standard THC. Read more about what happens to cannabinoids in the stomach.

This is the reason why you need to limit the power of the edible, it’s both a strong “high” that lasts almost half a day. At least until your body becomes more accustomed to the product. On the flipside with CBD, if you are suffering from a chronic condition you will appreciate the fact it’s stronger and more long-lasting.

  • Speed – Expect to feel the effects in the first hour, often within 15 minutes.
  • Dose – The recommendation for starting dose is between 2.5-5 mg of THC and CBD. If you’re new to taking THC or CBD oils might start with 2.5-3 mg to get a mild psychoactive effect before increasing to 5mg.
  • Impact – You’ll get that steady and even effect across the body as the CBD oil s is absorbed into the bloodstream from the mouth.
  • Duration – Very similar to edibles, the average duration is between 6-8 hours, but rarely much longer.

Oral-mucosal drugs fall between inhaled forms and ingested forms in terms of absorption speed. They work so quickly because they get absorbed into the surrounding blood vessels of the mouth and tongue. Most find they feel the effects after 30 minutes, with the effects peaking at the 1 and a half-hour point.

There are two forms of mucosal tinctures, the spray for under-the-tongue, which is easiest to use, and the dropper which has volume markers that make it more accurate. It’s always prudent to make sure you read the labels of the CBD oil because the dosage varies from product to product.

Some Other Ways To Use CBD Oil


If your interest in cannabinoid products comes from suffering from skin or joint issue then you have to consider topical or rub products. They don’t get absorbed in the bloodstream so there is no general effect, just local. You need to be careful that you don’t use too much as terpenes in larger concentrations can cause skin irritation.


Similar to topical or rubs, they are applied through the skin but that’s where the similarities stop. You get a transdermal patch, which works similar to a nicotine patch. It’s able to release CBD oil into the bloodstream at a steady rate.

They deliver the same kind of experience you would get from taking CBD orally, but recent clinical trials have suggested they fail to work with epilepsy whereas sublingual administration does work for epilepsy.


A newcomer to the CBD product range, medical research has shown that suppositories of CBD oil, either inserted rectally or vaginally, are able to effectively deliver the benefits of CBD oil whilst reducing psychoactive impact other delivery methods have, as well as the side effects.

Similar to products that are delivered orally, CBD oil suppositories are fast-acting, normally from within 15 minutes (locally) and within an hour as it enters the bloodstream and spreads around the body. It’s also very fast-acting on the organs found nearby in the abdomen, which can be important for some readers.

So what is the best way to take CBD oil?

The short answer is, there is no one way that works best for everyone. It depends on why you are taking CBD oil in the first place.

Edibles last the longest, they seem like a great fit for users who suffer from chronic illnesses and are using CBD oil to manage pain or similar symptoms. Edibles have both the general impact you get when CBD enters the bloodstream, and the local effect of the edible impacting the gut where it is absorbed.

Vaping or smoking has the benefit of delivering a more immediate effect, as do under the tongue / sublingual products, which may better suit your needs.

Topicals have a localized effect, impacting the skin where the cream or gel is absorbed. Once you settle on the best way to take cannabinoids to work for you, then you’ll need to play around with dosages.

How Bioavailability & Way of Intake changes your Dosage

Before learning how you can accurately measure your CBD dosage, it is important to introduce the concept of bioavailability and explore and compare different ways in which CBD can be consumed later in the article. This process will significantly assist you in selecting the optimal choice for your personal circumstances.


Thus far, this article predominantly focused on CBD tincture dosage while bioavailability has not been discussed.

It is important to note that bioavailability also plays a significant role in your CBD intake. To summarize this concept briefly, bioavailability is the degree and the rate at which a substance is absorbed into your bloodstream.

Bioavailability varies wildly for the CBD range of products – 5% for oral capsules and gummies, 20-30% for oils and tinctures (well absorbed sublingually), and 30-40% for vaporization products. Medical studies report bioavailability rates all the way up to 56% for vaporized CBD which provides by far the most effective method for CBD consumption (excluding intravenous) and will generally give you the most bang for your buck.

Ways to consume CBD

Vaporizing CBD may not be the most discreet and socially acceptable method of CBD consumption. For example, if you require a CBD dose during work hours in order to control your back pain, CBD capsules and gummies are your best friend even though they are pricier in the long run due to their low bioavailability!

The same holds true if you are hell-bent on accurately measuring your daily CBD intake –keep in mind that capsules and gummies will facilitate this endeavor but only approximately 5% of the consumed CBD content will ultimately enter your bloodstream.

In the light of the abovementioned socio-economic and biological aspects of CBD consumption, let us summarize the different types of CBD products that are at consumers’ disposal:

  • Ingestible CBD products (CBD oil with or without encapsulation, CBD tinctures, CBD drops, CBD paste, CBD rich sprays for sublingual use, bottled water with CBD nanoparticles, CBD-infused chewing gums, dissolvable powders containing CBD, cooking oils with added CBD, CBD-infused capsules, gummies, and similar edibles)
  • Vaporized CBD products (crystalline isolates, wax similar to THC-rich marijuana, CBD-rich eLiquids and vape cartridges similar to an e-cigarette)
  • Topical CBD products (transdermal patches containing CBD, CBD-infused balms, lotions, shampoos, soaps, and bath bombs)

Selecting the optimal CBD product for your personal circumstances

CBD Oil Tinctures are one of the most popular and convenient ways to consume CBD. When purchasing a CBD oil product, do not forget to perform due diligence and always opt for high-quality CBD products characterized by the following properties:

  • No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides used during the cultivation of the industrial hemp or high CBD marijuana
  • CBD oil extract should contain no harmful contaminants
  • CBD oil should not be derived from biomass that has been previously processed
  • Mandatory 3 rd party laboratory testing for quality assurance

CBD Tincture Dosage Approximations

So now that you have estimated how much CBD you may need to start off and have selected the optimal CBD product for your personal circumstances, how do you ensure that you are consuming that exact amount?

This matter can be tricky and confusing even though it is based on simple math (unlike rough CBD dosage requirements estimations). Hereby, the different forms of CBD products available on the market will be examined in terms of how you need to go about accurately measuring your CBD dosage.

Firstly, let’s start with CBD oils, tinctures, and drops. Basically, you need to establish how many drops are needed to reach your predetermined target dosage. I recommend that you utilize the following CBD dosage calculator to make your life easier if you are looking to use a CBD oil product sublingually in a standard manner . Essentially, you have to read the product label and calculate the number of milligrams of CBD in each drop and thus the total number of drops required to reach your target dosage.

Secondly, CBD edibles such as oral capsules and gummies allow you to easily keep track of your CBD consumption since you know exactly how many milligrams you are taking. The packaging always includes the number of milligrams of CBD in each edible and the typical range is 10-25 mg of CBD per capsule or gummy.

Finally, vaporized CBD products tend to make it difficult to estimate your exact CBD intake. While sublingual liquids allow you to estimate the dosage through simple mathematical calculations, with vaping it is generally recommended to take one or two inhalations and wait for a few minutes. If you do not obtain any relief whatsoever, repeat the process until you do.