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[email protected] We're excited! Nutiva 24oz Hemp Oil in glass destined for Costco is ready to go!

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We’re excited! Nutiva 24oz Hemp Oil in glass destined for Costco is ready to go!

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Nutiva 24oz Hemp Oil in glass destined for Costco is ready to go!

Would love to know where I could find these 24oz glass bottles (since all the Costco’s I checked with don’t have them). Yesterday, I asked Nutiva Customer Support about the availability, and they merely suggested using the 16oz in a glass instead, without answering my question. The product exists, the customer wants to buy it, help her give you business. I love your products, but your support team needs help . . .

I’m just a mom on a mission. It’s just been thirty five years. and I’m still looking for the right answers.

like your oil, just very hard to find out if it contains CBD’s. CBD’s are so very important to this oil for so many health problems. please make them available to us, my son has epilepsy and CBD’s are a key to helping him

This product could hav bin gron by American farmers. Wat a missed opportunity by d u.s. Gov. 4 d people,rite.

I cancelled my membership cause they never carry anything organic but pasta . may go back and see if they expanded that area of choice, cause if it’s not certified organic I don’t buy into it 🙂

THANK YOU for offering your outstanding products in GLASS. The world needs to realize the true cost of plastics, not only are they toxic to the planet, but to us humans too. Thank you for being progressive and part of the change 🙂

A step in the right direction for Costco selling natural brands. I am just wary of any extracted oils, especially ones high in omega-3s, since they are highly prone to oxidation/ rancidity. Our arterial lining is very vulnerable to damage from oils. It’s always best to eat the whole food fat source, not the extracted oil. At least this is cold-pressed, which would reduce the rancidity, but it is not immune once separated out of the seed.

ship some to St Croix USVI PLEASE!! Cost U Less we get other stuff here from the states for Costco stores

what else do u have lined up coming to Costco in the near future? My family absolutely love your products!

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