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There's a lot of talks about the benefits of CBD oil, but is CBD oil safe for children? How about for babies? Read about CBD Oil for Teething. Any parent who has tried in vain to soothe a child suffering from a painful ear infection or comfort a teething baby knows that feeling of… Hello ladies. My 9 month old is teething terribly and going through a sleep regression so it’s just fussy chaos all day and night! A friend recommended cbd…

CBD Oil for Teething

WARNING: There is *limited* research showing that using CBD Oil for young children is safe. Some Doctors are cautioning against using CBD Oil for young children. Please consult with your pediatrician before trying any new drug on your children.

You may not be a stranger to the wonders of CBD oil. It has many beneficial effects on the body and may also be used as a treatment for mild to severe illnesses.

But, is it safe to use for young children and babies?

Babies and toddlers may also experience discomfort and illnesses like adults.

One of the challenges babies and parents undergo is the teething phase.

It could make most babies irritable and experience swollen gums. Usually, teething problems go away on their own.

But sometimes, babies could have a case of swollen and itching gums which can affect their moods and sleep.

There are many ways to relieve teething babies from their agony.

But nowadays, many parents are curious if CBD oil can help soothe the inflamed gums of their little ones.

Let’s find out if CBD oil for teething is possible and safe for babies.

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Safety of CBD Use for Children

The opinions about using CBD for children are divided among parents and experts.

Some parents believe that CBD has great effects on their children suffering from different illnesses and even autism.

But, there are parents who are also skeptical. Some believe that CBD can make their children “high” or “addicted” to CBD.

To clear this misconception, THC and CBD are completely different.

THC is the cannabinoid that makes someone “high”. CBD contains the benefits coming from the hemp plant.

It may be safe to say that CBD products like CBD oil are safe for kids as long as it doesn’t contain THC and comes from hemp.

Is CBD Safe for Children?
There is no evidence that the CBD products on the market are safe or effective for children.

The FDA has only approved one CBD product, a prescription drug called Epidiolex that treats seizures associated with certain types of epilepsy in patients older than 1.

Epidiolex has been studied in clinical trials.

While it has proven to be effective at reducing seizures, it has shown significant risks and side effects including:

Elevated liver enzymes
Decreased appetite
Sleep problems
Increase in suicidal thoughts
Interference in how other medicines including propofol, bupropion, morphine, clobazam, lorazepam, and phenytoin work


CBD Oil Legality

CBD oil from hemp is legal in all 50 US states and in some countries. However, CBD oil from marijuana plants isn’t completely legal.

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If you want to try giving your child CBD oil, it’s best to check whether the product is hemp-based or marijuana-based.

Giving a child marijuana-derived CBD oil will get you into trouble with the law.

How to Give CBD Oil to a Teething Baby

Teething babies are already irritable and forcing them to take CBD oil might make them even feel worse.

The challenge with giving a baby CBD oil is the taste.

Some adults don’t like the taste and feel of CBD oil in their mouths. Some babies may not accept CBD into their mouths.

You may try mixing them with drinks or food, but it may also affect the taste of the food or drink.

Luckily, CBD oil with flavorings are available to make them more appealing to the taste.

But, you have to be careful with the ingredients contained in the product.

It’s best to buy CBD oil from vendors who are transparent with the ingredients they use.

Before giving CBD oil for teething babies, it’s best to consult your pediatrician.

But, most pediatricians aren’t aware and may not accept CBD oil as a treatment for children. You may need to find someone who is familiar with CBD.

Conclusion About CBD Oil for Teething

Parents only want what’s best for their children. Giving CBD oil is the parents’ prerogative.

But, it’s also the parents’ task to make sure that what they’re giving their kids are safe.

Before giving CBD oil to any child, research and consult a doctor to prevent serious problems.

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Joint Warning Letter Targets CBD Claims Relating To Infant and Child Uses
Blog Cannabis Law Update

Any parent who has tried in vain to soothe a child suffering from a painful ear infection or comfort a teething baby knows that feeling of desperation when you may be willing to try just about anything to get the crying to stop. Both yours and the child’s…

It is just this issue that appears to have caught the attention of the FDA and FTC as the target for their most recent CBD enforcement. Similar to the three CBD companies previously targeted, Rooted Apothecary made allegedly unsubstantiated claims that its products could prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure serious diseases. Particularly concerning this time, however, was the fact that some of the claims targeted use on infants and children.

Some examples of the company’s claims included the following:

  • “Instead of synthetic chemical[s] that can have safety concerns, this blend uses the best of nature to help calm the inflammation and pain of teething, while also promoting sleepiness for your little one.”
  • “No matter what age, ear aches are a terrible, no good way to live each day! Our main priority was safety, effectiveness . . . as we formulated this for the entire family including our precious little ones. When the pain is bad, this roller goes to work for soothing pain, inflammation, and to battle against the bacterial/viral critters to blame.”
  • “Increasing evidence suggests that CBD oil is a powerful option for pain . . . anxiety . . . and autism . . . It seems like an attractive and safe option for children.”
  • “[P]ossible uses for CBD include helping with skin problems such as acne, autism, ADHD, and even cancer. It’s often used in conjunction with traditional treatments to provide extra help. Children can use high amounts of CBD safely and without any risk.”

Once again, CBD marketers should take a lesson from the rules that apply to conventional products, and not just as to claim substantiation. Product claims that target vulnerable populations, such as infants, children, or the elderly, are likely to receive greater scrutiny regardless of the product type. These populations (along with sleep-deprived parents of young children) may be more susceptible to believing outrageous claims and less likely or able to articulate it if a product is not working or is potentially causing harm. And that – more than the ear infection – is reason for concern.

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Cbd oil for teething

Hello ladies. My 9 month old is teething terribly and going through a sleep regression so it’s just fussy chaos all day and night! A friend recommended cbd oil for the teething, have any of you ladies tried it? Thanks in advance!

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I wouldn’t risk giving CBD oil to a baby. There aren’t enough studies done that would make me feel confident that it isn’t doing some kind of harm or that it has any benefit at all. I also tend to think the whole CBD oil thing is a bunch of over-marketed hype anyway, but I’ve never used it.

Give baby some Tylenol or Motrin and let him chew on some cold teethers.

CBD oil is not recommended for children except for very specific seizure disorders.

Give your kid a cold teether and some tylenol. Your friend is a fucking idiot.

I wouldn’t risk giving CBD oil to a baby. There aren’t enough studi…

Cbd oil isn’t going to hurt your baby. Either it works or it doesn’t. It is worth the try. Tylenol and motrin is far worse for your baby. Green onions help relieve the discomfort of teething, let your baby chew on them

It isn’t regulated by the FDA like other medications so its difficult to say if you’re getting the actual dosage of CBD in the oil that’s listed.

Tylenol and Motrin ARE heavily regulated and you know the exact dosage listed is what you are getting because of this. There are plenty of studies done and in giving the proper dosage, it is extremely unlikely to get any adverse reactions in an otherwise healthy person.

No. No. And no again. There’s not anywhere close to enough research on giving CBD oil to babies and it’s not actually recommended for teething pain at all. Guessing there isn’t research because no one wants to sign their babies up for experiementation.

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