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Snoop Dogg has announced the launch of Leafs By Snoop (LBS), his branded line of marijuana products. The line includes edibles (“Dogg Treats”), hand-weighed Rapper Snoop Dogg appeared at a Denver-area launch party for Leafs by Snoop, a new cannabis line of products that will be available in Livwell dispensaries beginning today. Learn more at

Snoop Dogg Launches ‘Leafs By Snoop’ Cannabis Products

Snoop Dogg has announced the launch of Leafs By Snoop (LBS), his branded line of marijuana products. The line includes edibles (“Dogg Treats”), hand-weighed flower, and concentrates, as well as oil-infused fair-trade chocolate bars.

The products are currently on sale in several Colorado dispensaries.

“It’s a true blessing that I can share the products I love so much with y’all today,” said Snoop at the release party in Denver. “From the flower, to the concentrates, and edibles – it’s all hand-picked by yours truly so you know it’s the hottest product out there. It’s the real deal and you gotta get out to Colorado to try it first!”

According to the press release, Snoop hand-picked the LBS product line himself, and was involved “in every step of the creation of LBS.”

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Snoop Dogg Brings Cannabis Product Line to Colorado Dispensaries

Celebrity-endorsed pot products are the wave of the future, with Tommy Chong backing a strain dubbed Chongstar and Willie Nelson lining up private equity funding for a brand to be called Willie’s Reserve.

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But they’ve got nothing on Tha Doggfather.

Last night at a launch party in Denver, rapper Snoop Dogg announced a new partnership with LivWell dispensaries. Leafs by Snoop flower, edibles and concentrates will be available today at all LivWell locations and other select retailers in the next thirty days. “I’ve been at the forefront of the marijuana movement for twenty years or so,” Snoop Dogg said. “So to see it legal is a beautiful thing.”

The products, all picked by Snoop, will include eight strains of flower, wax and shatter, and an extensive line of edibles. He said he chose the strains himself based on their aroma, taste, effect and bud structure; the line consists of indica-dominant hybrids Bananas, Cali Kush, Northern Lights and Purple Kush, as well as sativa-dominant hybrids Blueberry Dream, Lemon Pie and Tangerine Man and high-CBD strain 3D CBD.

Leafs by Snoop strains are available for purchase in pre-weighed eighths, quarters and half-ounces. The concentrates, all strain-specific, will be made with those eight strains. The hash oil-infused edibles line will feature six different flavors of chocolate bars, as well as fruit chews, fruit drops and peanut butter candies.

LivWell owner John Lord said it was a long process securing Snoop’s endorsement — but he was excited by the path they were blazing together. Lord was able to lure Snoop into his Colorado chain before LivWell’s counterparts in the rapper’s native California. “This is the first time you’ve seen something like this,” Lord said.

Products will be available for both medical patients and recreational customers and will be grown and processed at LivWell facilities. Read below for edibles descriptions.

Chocolate Bars: Handmade with organic couveture chocolate and infused with hash oil. Available in sizes of 80 milligrams for recreational buyers and 100 milligrams for medical patients. Flavors include Peaches n’ Cream, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Strawberries n Cream with Waffle Bits and Blueberries n’ Cream.

Dogg Treats Fruit Drops: Hash oil-infused fruit candies available in ten, ten-milligram pieces for medical patients and ten, eight-milligram pieces for recreational customers. Flavors include lemon, cherry, peach and watermelon.

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Dogg Treat Gummies: Hash oil-infused fruit chews available in ten, ten-milligram pieces for medical patients and ten, eight-milligram pieces for recreational customers. Flavors include peach and cherry.

Dogg Treat Fruit Chews: Hash oil-infused taffies available in ten, ten-milligram pieces for medical patients and ten, eight-milligram pieces for recreational customers. Flavors include lemon-cherry, strawberry, cherry and raspberry.

Dogg Treat Peanut Butter Gems: Made with organic couveture chocolate and creamy peanut butter, infused with hash oil and dusted with gold flakes. Available in five, 20-milligram pieces for medical patients and five, eight-milligram pieces for recreational customers.

This isn’t the first time Snoop has injected himself into Colorado’s legal marijuana scene. During Denver’s pot-tax holiday September 16, he released a video praising Colorado’s legal marijuana industry for its economic and social contributions while wishing Coloradans a happy and safe day of indulgence.

View the full video of Snoop’s new product line below.

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