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Read reviews for Wana Edibles Wana Sour Gummies: Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 CBD/THC. Wana Gummies Review there's just something special about a gummie. Bright colors, bold taste, just chewy enough — but also kind

Wana Sour Gummies: Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 CBD/THC

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100mg CBD/THC per package | 10mg CBD/THC per piece

These gummies balance notes of bright citrus with lush strawberry undertones. They’re infused with both CBD and terpene-enhanced THC distillate in a balanced 1:1 ratio, offering psychoactive effects while promoting relaxation and tranquility.

Vegan and Gluten-FreeSweetened with Organic Ingredients (No High-Fructose Corn Syrup)All-Natural Flavors and ColorsEnhanced with 30+ TerpenesChild-Proof, Food-Safe, Sustainable Packaging

100mg CBD/THC per package | 10mg CBD/THC per piece

These gummies balance notes of bright citrus with lush strawberry undertones. They’re infused with both CBD and terpene-enhanced THC distillate in a balanced 1:1 ratio, offering psychoactive effects while promoting relaxation and tranquility.

Vegan and Gluten-FreeSweetened with Organic Ingredients (No High-Fructose Corn Syrup)All-Natural Flavors and ColorsEnhanced with 30+ TerpenesChild-Proof, Food-Safe, Sustainable Packaging

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Absolutely superior

I use Wana’s 1:1 gummies for chronic pain and ptsd. They really are superior to other 1:1 gummies. The big thing for me is consistency. I know when I take half a gummy exactly what I’m getting. With other gummies I always seem to have an issue with one half being stronger than the other or vice versa. They’re extremely palatable, and don’t give off a strong marijuana taste. I highly recommend them to anyone who, like me, can’t tolerate smoking/vaping flower product due to asthma. They really have changed how I’m able to live my life. I strongly recommend taking them on a schedule just like any other medicine. The more you regulate the cannabinoids in your system, the better they work, and I’ve yet to have any kind of tolerance to them after a year of taking them. Happy 420! (a little late)

More potent than most gummies

This is the first time I’ve tried CBD/THC gummie. I usually use straight THC, approx. 10-15mg., twice a day. With these, I only need 1/2 gummie twice a day. These are more potent than most, and seem to be more predictable with their effects than other gummies I’ve tried. I will continue purchasing these! Please don’t stop carrying these, Holistic Health!

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Tasty treat to start my day

I love this gummie because when I wake up stiff, I get moving in the morning and it helps eleviate some pain.

Best euphoric carefree feeling

I’m an absolute fan of these Wana’s 1:1 Always deliver the upmost euphoric, carefree, relaxed, giggly, high! Beside the fact they taste great also! I rate them a 15 out of a 10. I also like the how the 1:1 help relax me enough to take the edge off my body aches that I have consistently throughout the day.

Delicious and relaxing

A great mix of cbd and thc, really the best of both worlds. Not only did these relieve anxiety, but they are delicious. I would munch on these just for the taste.

Tasty High

They are super delicious and give such a mellow high. So nice after a long workday. The best edibles I’ve tried.

Calming yet uplifting high

Wow, this so far is one of my fav’s. Came on strong and quick, high yet peaceful and uplifting. Nothing trippy or tricky, this one is smooth.

Wana sour gummies

Very relaxing

Great product and tastes great

Great stuff and like the ratio as well as the taste. I’M an avid user of the Wanna Brand and great quality and do WISH I could get the 5:1 ratio of this flavor where I live.. Got a bottle in CO.and liked that ratio better. These are ok for now but miss the 5:1 ratio in MI.

Not as strong as I thought

Taste is okay but these are not that strong to me.. I had to take 2 gummies to feel anything and the effects did not seem to hold long. I ended up empty in 3 days. Not sure if I had a bad batch or what but definitely not worth the price imo.

Didn’t feel anything. Ate all 10 pieces


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How Strong are Wana Gummies [Review]

Impeccably appropriate for a mid year climb or a lengthy, difficult experience trip in the traveler’s seat, Wana Gummies Review cross breed acrid gummies incorporate five delectable flavors that make these strong natural product treats too simple to even think about eating. As one of Colorado’s driving trailblazers of edibles, Wana Brands has concocted an unbelievable line-up of craftsman and produced using scratch items for the insightful weed shopper.

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Wana accepts that eating a palatable ought to be a treat and not just about compelling the medication down. With only one chomp of their famous sharp gummies, it’s not difficult to tell that they Goli Gummies Unbiased Picks Reviews culminated the taste and impacts of these treats down to a science.

As legitimate clinical and sporting pot markets grow, the business is persistently seeking after different ways of handling and devour Wana Gummies. Edibles have become quite possibly the most famous way to ingest THC throughout the most recent couple of years. Anyway nowadays, purchasers aren’t restricted to baking brownies in Mom’s kitchen utilizing out of date techniques like unloading pot shake straightforwardly into the brownie blend. Rather marijuana fans have a bunch of palatable choices, large numbers of which will not disintegrate separated in your pocket.

Wana Watermelon Sativa Sour Gummies Edible Review

Actually, I haven’t been a gigantic aficionado of edibles over time as a marijuana devotee. They Wana Gummies Review were consistently excessively solid, going on for quite a long time and finishing into complete dormancy or even the most genuine love seat lock loss of motion. Wana sativa gummies, in any case, were a distinct advantage as they furnished me with a predictable low portion ideal for individual marijuana utilization. With any eatable, consistency and legitimate dosing are foremost.

Wana Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD Gummies

Wana doesn’t restrict their sticky creation to exclusively sativa strains; they use indica and half breed strains, just as shifting proportions of THC and CBD cannabinoid mixtures across a scope of fruity flavors. I incline toward sativa-prevailing strains while burning-through edibles, on the grounds that these strains produce a greater amount of a fiery, invigorating impact contrasted with Wana Gummies Review or cross breed strains. I additionally incline toward gummies with a CBD/THC proportion of 1:1 with a portion of 10-20 mg of THC to ease ongoing back torment.

Nonetheless, Wana additionally delivers gummies with a 10:1 CBD/THC proportion for those looking for low inebriating impacts and a 0:1 CBD/THC proportion for more prepared THC buyers searching for a powerful involvement in their beloved Pink Floyd collection.

Wana mixes their entirely square gummies with a reliable 2-20 mg of THC relying upon the CBD/THC proportion, making them an incredible pot item for forestalling “consumable excess.” obviously you can’t physiologically ingest too much of pot, however numerous an accomplished stoner has persevered through huge awkward sensations when eating a lot of THC.

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Wana Sour Gummies Edibles Sativa Effect

While picking between sativa, cross breed, and Wana Gummies Review. I generally favor sativa in light of the fact that these strains are the most invigorating. I observe edibles more calming contrasted with different types of weed utilization like smoking or vaping; consequently, I go with sativa gummies to check the drowsiness frequently delivered by edibles.

Wana Sour Gummies Packaging

Wana consistently incorporates clear marking with simple to-understand fixings and guidelines. It Wana sticky containers incorporate strain classification. Aggregate and individual measures of CBD and THC, and “edibles tips”. Which are like guidelines imprinted on any physician endorsed prescription jug. These containers are likewise made with supportable and recyclable materials.

Wana Taste

I’ve partaken in a range of Wana’s acrid sticky fruity flavors, yet watermelon was my outright top pick. Sharp gummies with or without imbued THC are frequently too harsh making that senseless mouth pucker by overwhelming taste buds. Wana gummies, in any case, have an optimal acridity that isn’t overpowering. Numerous edibles likewise have a huge weed trailing sensation that can be fairly upsetting. Luckily with their gummies, it won’t pose a flavor like you’re chewing on leaves and stems.

Wana Edibles Effect

The Wana harsh gummies sativa impact was by and large the thing I was searching for in a consumable. It decreased pressure and nervousness, yet in addition furnished. Me with a Wana Gummies Review, vivacious buzz that endured. For the duration of the day and a significant part of the evening. The dosing and marking on every compartment empowers buyers to precisely foresee the ideal impact of utilization.

Different mixed edibles utilizing any food under the sun are at present underway in lawful weed states across the US. Large numbers of these items incorporate 50, 100, or 300mg. THC per serving which can be tricky for suitable individual dosing. Wana sharp gummies wipe out this issue with more modest, more sensible serving sizes and reliable dosing. I strongly suggest these Wana items which are presently accessible in Wana Gummies Review. Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. The organization is wanting to grow in California and Florida just as worldwide business sectors (as guidelines license).

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