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will cbd oil cause a positive test for cannabinoids

CBD: What Is It and Will It Result in a Positive Drug Test for Marijuana?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural substance that has recently gained popularity due to its use as a remedy to treat certain physical ailments.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants, the marijuana plant, or hemp plant. Hemp derived oil (CBD) has been a legal import in the United States for decades.

In theory, CBD oil should consist of two main ingredients: the compound cannabidiol dissolved in an oil made from hemp seeds or coconut.

Will using CBD oil result in a positive drug test for marijuana? The short answer is that it should not, but in reality, it could.

According to Dr. Barry Sample, Director of Science and Technology with Quest Diagnostics, CBD, itself, on a drug test would not be confused with either marijuana (THC) or marijuana metabolite (THC metabolite) and analytically the two substances can be clearly differentiated.

However, someone using a CBD oil that contains residual THC could very likely test positive on a urine drug test, not because of the CBD itself, but because of THC contaminants in the oil. Additionally, if a CBD product contains THC at a sufficiently high concentration (0.3% or greater), it possibly can cause a positive drug test result for marijuana metabolites.

THC is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) pursuant to the 1970 Controlled Substances Act.

What Is CBD Oil and Will It Cause a Positive Drug Test?

One of the most common things that people are concerned about when it comes to taking CBD oil is whether or not it will show up on a drug test.

No one likes being made to take a drug test, but the whole thing is a lot more terrifying if you have recently taken CBD oil and don’t know what will happen to you.

So, will CBD oil cause a positive drug test?

What Is CBD Oil?

Before you can find out if CBD oil will cause a positive result on a drug test, you first need to understand what CBD oil is.

CBD oil contains cannabidiol, one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Unlike its better-known cousin THC, CBD is entirely non-intoxicating and doesn’t cause any kind of high.

However, CBD is still able to affect a myriad of different bodily functions. For example, studies have shown CBD oil to be an effective way to help treat conditions like arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The problem of drug tests, however, comes from the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is the same system that is affected by both CBD and THC, just in different ways.

So why does this make some people fear a positive result on a drug test?

How CBD Oil Could Affect a Drug Test

The primary reason that CBD oil could potentially cause problems regarding drug tests is due to the way the drug tests are calibrated.

There is no central agency or organization behind the commercial drug tests that many companies use, resulting in a variety of different testing criteria.

This means that different testing organizations test for different things and at wildly different rates. Depending on what type of test a company uses, they might test for any and all cannabinoids, potentially triggering CBD as a false positive.

There is also the chance that some THC within your CBD oil might cause a problem.

How the THC within Some CBD Oils Can Cause Problems

While many CBD oils only contain CBD and nothing else, there are plenty that contain other cannabinoids as well. Known as full spectrum CBD oils, this type of CBD oil includes small amounts of other cannabinoids, including THC.

While the quantity of THC within most full spectrum CBD oils is typically monumentally small, it is still possible for it to register on certain drug tests. Different countries and states have different levels of allowable THC in their CBD oil, but individual testing centers might set their own limits.

CBD oil can thus register positive on a drug test if the CBD comes from full spectrum CBD oil.

The solution to this is to buy CBD isolates or broad-spectrum oils. CBD isolates contain only CBD and no other cannabinoids, whereas broad-spectrum CBD oils contain other cannabinoids alongside CBD, but never any THC.

Final Thoughts: Will CBD Cause a Positive Drug Test?

The idea of being accused of breaking company policy or somehow getting in trouble by taking CBD oil is a pretty scary one. With the myriad testing parameters, great care needs to be taken when buying CBD oils.

When looking to buy CBD oil , try to shop at stores that offer CBD isolate options for best results. Places like Premium Jane offer all kinds of different CBD products, some of which are isolates or broad spectrum.

While it might be a bit tricky to find only products that don’t contain THC, search for either “isolate” or “broad spectrum” to find CBD oils that won’t cause any problems on drug tests whatsoever.

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